Welcome to Monitoring.Website

Here is my story, why I've developed Monitoring.Website.

Some years ago a unknown antivirus software shows a false virus alert for my website. My website was clean and safe, and the antivirus software removed this false alert after a few weeks. But in the meantime other reputation websites like virustotal.com, webutation.info, mywot.com automatically red-flagged my website, and based on that wrong information some users warns other users warn against my site. So my reputation was destroyed by a temporary false alert of an unknown antivirus software. That's why I've developed Monitoring.Website.

Now it is your turn. Get informed about a malware infect, a website hack, and last but not least about a false virus alarm!

A weekly scan with the 50 most popular antivirus software is free! Just try it, and protect your website now!

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